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Gun Components - Shafts

It has been my quest for over four years to find the perfect shaft. With Stainless Steel prices going sky high globally. These Coated Spring Steel Shafts are the shaft of the future. Harder, Stronger, Stiffer, Straighter, all equates to a spear that will outlast your typical softer stainless steel at a lesser cost.

This shaft is as close to perfection as you can get and that is why I have my name on it. It meets my stringent standards.

European Spearos have used this type of shaft for years and now it is available for American styled mechanisms and has the strong finned tabs that American style guns use.

It doesn't get better then this!

For those that love technical info, here are some shaft specs:
  • Spears are induction hardened and drawn from ultra high tensile spring steel hardened to over 2000MPa or 51 Rockwell. If you compare a 45 Rockwell spear tip to a 50 Rockwell spear it is not just 10% harder but potentially 20% harder and tougher.
  • Barbs are marine grade stainless steel and are designed to lock open after penetrating through a fish. You don't have to tune the barb it is already perfect.
  • The coating is called an "Armadillo coating." This coating has so far been in a salt spray testing trough at 35 degrees C for 3 months and still the spears have not started to rust. This is equivalent to 12 months continuous use by a spearo.
  • Spears are mechanically straightened to a maximum tolerance of 5 thousands of an inch/3 feet.
  • Maintaining of shaft:
    A. Remove Shaft from trigger.
    B. Wash shaft with fresh water and lay in sun to dry quickly.
    C. Make sure that the trigger and all spear contact spots on the gun are dry before reinserting the spear
    D. Spray with Light Lubricant before storing for any length of time.
  • Shafts Coated Spring Steel Rockwell 51 Shark Fin Tabs
    Tahitian Style with Flopper 7mm (50", 58", 63")
    Tahitian Style with Flopper 7.5mm (58", 63")
    Threaded 7mm Shaft (57",61",65")
    Threaded 7.5mm Shaft (57",61",65")
    Threaded 8mm Shaft (57",61",65")
    We are sorry, but shafts over 60" can no longer be shipped internationally.

    The automated shipping calculator is very limited in it's ability to correctly estimate the correct charge. Because of this, placing international orders via the website has been disabled. To place an internationl order, or to get a more accurate shipping estimation, please send me an email.

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