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Record Breakers (26 images)

This page is for those who have set world records with their Wong Spearguns. I have been blessed with many friends who like to dive and spear fish. So far there have been over 42 world records set with Wong Spearguns.
Wong Spearguns have taken records from reef fish to blue water big game fish. Curently the four major blue water game fish records have been set. Men's YFT, Women's YFT, Men's Black Marlin, and Men's Striped Marlin. Many of these records have been set all over the world from New Zealand, Mexico, Costa Rica, and the US.
In addition to these world records, Wong Spearguns have been used to win 7 national individual spearfishing championships and 4 national team championships. Wong Spearguns are not only for records or championships, but for those who strive to use the best spearguns to fit their unique diving situations.

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