Salem AL Mehairbi
Aloha Dr. Daryl,

     I hop my email finds you in a good health and spirit, it has been long time since the last discussion with you. actually I have changed my email from to this one, i'm salem al mehairbi. The reason that i have sent you this email is to check how you doing and send you some of my photo during my dive and fishing. I hope you enjoy them.
the gun was powerful and deadly accurate more than my ROB ALLEN gun, I shot the fish around 4 to 6 meter, my friends with the riffe and RA guns they were amazed. thanks to the semi enclosed track it makes very fast reload and power.
I go fishing every day, now the weather is nice but little warm, after this month it will be very hot it will reach 40 to 55 Celsius the best time here is in October to April. January and February are the coldest months here the temperature is 9 to 14 Celsius, some times it goes 4 to 7 but with the 3 or 5 mm wetsuit it will be nice, also we have a lot of big giant like king fish and others in cold weather. I hope to dive with you someday, thanks again and keep in touch.

i really enjoyed using your MAG 55". It has been a great experience. i'm looking forward to here from you.

Best regrds
Salem AL Mehairbi

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