Jim Bastion
Aloha Daryl,

     I am loving the Garibaldi gun!, the power and accuracy on it is astonishing. I wish the pictures were of better quality, but at the time I was too elated to care! I think the shaft was bent when the fish bolted. I hit it right in the gill- plate and the I could see a big rip right throught the gill plate. That gill plate was HARD! A 45 lb. fish and only 2 bands! I definitely should've had the 3rd one on and aimed better. Oh well, live and learn as they say. I think that Garibaldi is good luck!
I may be contacting you in the near future for a bigger or smaller gun, I haven't decided. I guess that the 55" hybrid I have can handle anything at this point! My wife says I have to come home with more than 45 lbs. of fish (1 fish or many) before I can get a new gun so it may be a while....or it may be tomorrow!
     Thanks Daryl,Aloha

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