Zach Brittman
Hi Daryl,

     Hope you’re doing well! Have any thoughts on small ID 9/16 band size for the 63 ono? Been running it with 4 standard ID 9/16 with good results for the last 6 years, but missed a couple slob 200lb plus bigeyes last summer at the end of range (I can normally close the gap). The large BEs are always past 80’ and down and away very difficult to approach in the canyon. I know if she had shot with power to the end of 20’ I would have connected. Trying to get max power this season and still be able to load all day and shoot with that laser accuracy I’m used to. Anyway, it’s a killing machine here’s a nice bigeye from last season one of many tunas landed with this great gun over the years. Talk to you soon all the best.

Best regards,
Hello Daryl,

     Last week, I purchased your new tip with spectra by mail from a shop in Florida. I was in need of a serious tip in a short amount of time and decided to give yours a shot. I have used Mr. Kolev's tip in the past with great success and a Riffe that I find most effective for very low visibility. I am impressed by the streamlined setup on my 9/32" shaft that I shoot out of my 44" gun with 3 tight 9/16 bands. Excellent tip with serious penetration at the guns range and perfect deployment. I received the tip Friday and here is the result from it's first outing yesterday. My dive partner had a sinus infection and left me to dive the day for our limit. 4 shots, 4 landed fish with full penetration. Below is a 44lb fished stoned and picked up off the bottom. The visibility was a hazy 8' with about 2.5kts of tide. This tip is a great fit on this gun. Thanks again for making a solid product that I expect will live up to the punishment of big fish it will receive.

Kindest regards,
Zach Brittman
Long Island, NY

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