Zach Brittman
Hello Daryl,

     Last week, I purchased your new tip with spectra by mail from a shop in Florida. I was in need of a serious tip in a short amount of time and decided to give yours a shot. I have used Mr. Kolev's tip in the past with great success and a Riffe that I find most effective for very low visibility. I am impressed by the streamlined setup on my 9/32" shaft that I shoot out of my 44" gun with 3 tight 9/16 bands. Excellent tip with serious penetration at the guns range and perfect deployment. I received the tip Friday and here is the result from it's first outing yesterday. My dive partner had a sinus infection and left me to dive the day for our limit. 4 shots, 4 landed fish with full penetration. Below is a 44lb fished stoned and picked up off the bottom. The visibility was a hazy 8' with about 2.5kts of tide. This tip is a great fit on this gun. Thanks again for making a solid product that I expect will live up to the punishment of big fish it will receive.

Kindest regards,
Zach Brittman
Long Island, NY

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