Scott Carlton

     Just thought I would check in on you and see how you were doing. I just got back from puerta vallarta last week and put my new gun to work. Love how the gun looks and shoots. The results speak for themselves. 120 and 140 lbs!!!
Scott Carlton

Aloha Daryl,

     I assume you got the consultation form I filled out about two weeks ago… anyhow I thought I would update you. Ted Gregorious and I just took a trip to El Sargento to do a little bit of spear fishing, this would be my first trip with your new gun. We stayed with Chay at Sea sniper Baja. They did an excellent job putting us on the fish, Your fine guns did an excellent job getting them in the boat! On the last day of the trip I was drift diving on a sea mound near la Paz. There were Hammerheads and pilot sharks on my flasher for the last 30 minutes and I had not seen any other fish since the sharks showed up. all of the sudden the sharks left and there was no life or bait around at all. down about sixty feet on the bottom I saw a big forked tail swimming deliberately. I thought to myself it must be another shark as that was mostly what I was seeing. I dove down to take a look, the closer I got the more it became clear, It was not a shark it was a Striper! So I lay on the bottom patiently for about ten seconds while the great fish swam my direction. I waited, he was about 12-15 feet away from me when he turned his head to have a look at me… BANG! holding shot in the spine right behind the gill. My first marlin on a spear gun. I thank you for your quality workmanship, the super mag always finds the intended target. Oh yeah, the Amber Jack and Wahoo fishing was on fire as well!
Thank you,
Scott Carlton

I am sure you recognize the Supermag behind me.

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