Steven W. Cook
Aloha Daryl,

     This is just one of the many days, of the many weekends that we must do the jobs others wont, and shoot fish
How bout that shirt?!!!
Thanks for the new bands on the small gun. They work great.(And they're starting to feel too weak!) I must be doin' something right!!!

Steven Cook
Dr. Here is just another great day in the Fabulous Florida Keys. April has been good to us in that the water quality is finally comming around like not since August
Here (from left 2 right) Nick D"Ascanio, Franco D"Ascanio, And Steven Cook Showing off their 2 hour day mixed bag. 6 Hogfish not shown! Also not shown is Franco D"Ascanio (The Elder and photographer) It's a hard, gruelling job but we manage to survive.
Thanks for my 2 Titanium guns, and Franco's Carbon Fibre Gun. (Franco says that the CF gun is hard to load, but well worth the effort... BAM!!!!!!

Steven Cook

Time in Hawai'i: