Cory (incal)
Hi Daryl,

     Good news and bad news. Bad is, I don't think I'll ever use my 60" hybrid mid handle again. The good news is, I'm not gonna use it because my new gun is amazing. The rear handle plus you put on it is so much more comfortable for me to shoot. I made 5 shots and hit 5 yellows. Landed 4 with 1 tearing off.

The fishing was amazing. Got my first yellow at Arch reef. Then shot a bigger one at the east end drop off. Shortly after shooting it, I swam over to my boat partner, Mark Wakefield, so he could get an underwater shot of the fish. I swam about 30 yards and as soon as I got to him he darted past me pointing his spear gun sort of at me. I thought he saw a school of yellows and turned around to see a massive 8-10' 200 plus pound hammer head shark closing in fast. Shark started circling us and Mark kept pointing his spear gun at him and spinning in a circle with me holding on to his weight belt. Luckily, the shark clearly only wanted the yellow tail, but with with each circle he came closer. After a few minutes, yes a few minutes, his passes were about 3' away. Keep in mind, my spear and slip tip was still on the fish so if I gave him the fish I lose my new spear gun too. That's when I noticed a fishing boat trolling a hundred yards away. I screamed at the boat and they actually thought I was telling them to leave, but then they heard me yell shark. Then they motored over and as soon as the boat arrived, the hammer head swam off into the deep. Hairy situation, but I got the fish and didn't lose my gun or my life. Mark caught the whole encounter on his go pro.

We opted to head to a spot a few miles away along the frontside and refined diving. Mark shot a nice yellow and we called it a day and anchored for the night.

Got up the next morning and could only find small yellows. I shot one and we started to head back. We got into good areas for paddys between SCI and cat when we saw two monster paddys about 200 yards apart. Jumped in on first one and nothing but tons of bait, baby yellows, and a Mola Mola. We thought about just heading back, but decided the second paddy was to good to pass up. Jumped in and I got there first. To my surprise, almost no life or bait. I swam right up to the kelp and hiding in a kelp channel was a large yellowtail. I shot it and stoned it. So I thought. Pulled it up and as soon as I grabbed the shaft, it pulled out and the yellow came alive. Fights on but I got it pretty quick. The commotion brought my fishes buddy up from the depth and Mark shot him. Mine was a PB at 28 pounds and marks was 26.

Absolutely awesome trip and even better gun. Thanks again. BTW, we got great videos of the shark encounter and one of Mark shooting the yellow at the paddy. He was using his Wong 60" hybrid in first and old Wong 55" hybrid on the paddy. I'll send the videos in a separate email.

Thanks again,

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