Colin Crosby
Aloha Daryl,

     Sorry it took me so long to reply, but like I said before, the gun shot perfectly. I took a 4 hours drive to Surfside Marina to go out on a 30 mile boat ride to some rigs in the gulf. I was so pumped to taste salt once again and use the gun. I really didn't know what to expect at all since its been probably 10 years since i pulled a trigger on one of your guns.

The boat ride flew by as I was in heaven tasting the salt spray and dreaming of what might be waiting at the rigs this time. So i finally see a rig in the distance and ask Keith if this was the fist one. I unwrap the gun from a my bungee cord custom towel bag(haha) and get her all set up. Then we came to a weed pile before the rig and we saw some small Mahi popping on the surface. He asked if we wanted to jump in and 5 minutes later, we are all in. I get ready for a hard pull of the bands, but to my surprise it was soooo easy to pull. I was like, ehh not sure about this, feel pretty light. So, not much more thinking I saw the cutest smallest Mahi I ever seen. Maybe one foot long. There were tons of them. The guys on the boat were saying shoot em....I said no way...I no baby killer....then they all laughed at me. The Mahi made another pass and i apprehensively pulled the trigger not really wanting to shoot one, but more so to test the gun kick and speed. To my surprise that bugga was quick and zero kick. But I did miss Mahi, and was glad I did. So nothing else was around, so we got back in the boat and continued to the rig. There was already about three boats fishing the rig while we got there, so placement kinda sucked for us, and so did having a 100 ft tag-line and float. But slowly made a few shallow drops to 30-40 feet to see whats around. We did see some red snapper around 70plus feet, but I just couldn't relax enough to make it that deep yet. Heart was still racing from excitement and water was still pretty dirty. Nothing really was happening at this rig so we jumped in for the next one.

This one only had a couple of boats fishing, but we had more room. I started to calm down a bit and lower my heart rate and get deeper this time. There were some big Reds at about 70 plus again. I made a couple of dives to check it out and saw a bunch of smaller reds, with a couple big boys cruising around. After about 30 minutes of relaxing, getting ready for a deep dive I make my dive down to 70 and there they were...then this big red starts his swim up to me, then turns and starts back down. It was a longer shot then i would have done in the past with my island gun, but I figured dont wait any longer....trigger pulled and hit the fish....This bugga took off straight down. I tried to yank him up, but as i looked up and realized how deep I was, i held on to the tag line till I hit surface, but the fish had already wrapped around the rig leg 120 feet below. Now I had finally hit my first red with my new gun with slip tip, and he was stuck at the bottom. I was pissed!! There is no way I was going to cut my line and loose everything. So I just left it there and tied up to another line and continue to shoot. So after an hour or so, Keith had scuba tanks just for this reason. Been 15 yrs since i blew bubbles. So we headed down to retrieve and to our surprise the fish was still there, but the slip tip had tangles up in some pipes and we had to cut. Didn't have much time at that depth anyway. So we retrieved my fish and put him on a stringer and another one swam up to me. I couldn't believe it...I could get use to this bubble stuff, and bang!!! Second red down!!! Yeah, with bubbles, but was still a blast.

Then we went to another rig and a coupe of our divers were working these king fish. They each had over five shots and all misses..Keith joked around and said go show em how...I made one dive and had to stay above 30 ft because of scuba, and a king swam by about 10 feet from me...i quickly aimed, pulled trigger, and bang!!! Line had tension again...I nailed him. This gun was perfect!!! Easy as hell to load, not underpowered at all, and was accurate as a laser.. Thanks for making this gun work like she did. It was a total pleasure and cant wait to go again.

ALoha, Colin

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