Adam Dambrackas
HI Daryl,

I want to thank you for building me such wonderful spearguns. They shoot so straight and look more bad ass than any other guns. I love the accuacey and range of the ONO gun. The GR-55 is so fun to hunt with. I feel like I cant miss.

Everyone of my friends are loving my guns and will be ordering some soon.

Here are some photos you may enjoy.

Hope you had fun on your trip! How did you do?


Here is the Mahi shot. I am still going through all of my photos and I will send you some more. Here are some fish I shot today off the San Clemente Coast. I always try to get your gun in the photo. You know what..� since I changed my Avatar on Spearboard� I have had 3 people PM me and ask what kind of gun Is in the Mahi photo. Funny� if you�re a spearfisherman� you should know the 55� GR Hybrid right?? I say it�s a must have for every diver.

Happy Hunting.

Adam Dambrackas

I haven�t got a chance to go through all of my good photos and send them to ya�. But here are a couple fish we got on my dinghy off the coast. Its been pretty good. Once again�. Love that gun. Too fun.

Hi Daryl,

Here are some more photos of fish. Cant wait to use your new Slip Tip. My address is below.


Adam Dambrackas

Aloha Daryl,

Your gun has helped kill so many fish! Thanks!

Aloha, Adam

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