Christos Dodi

Hi Daryl.

     Finally I got a wsb after 1 year being dry. And it's my PB, 70lbs!!!
I'm so stoked. Didn't realized it was so big until went down and cut off the kelp. It was a shot from the top. It was swimming under me, like 30ft. Dropped down at it and when I let the spear go, it looked small. Vis was very good and I think it must've been a long shot. It went from the back top shoulder through the gills. Almost stoned it. Surprised when I saw the monster afterwords.
Thanks for your reply on the Hawaii info. Unfortunately won't be coming spring break. But I'm sure I will visit in the near future.
Aloha Daryl,

     Dove today with a friend and again a WSB. My 6th fish in 2weeks!!!!! This time the hole shaft went through the fish. So much power and I hit right where I pointed!
Thanks Daryl

Aloha Daryl,
In a week and a half, I have gotten 5 WSB!
I don't know if I am really lucky or I am very good :)
But I know for sure the Hybrid Magnum is a champ.
Here is my 5th WSB for 26.5 lb with,again, your flopper shaft.

Aloha Daryl,
You won`t believe this. My forth dive in a row and I got another one. My Personal Best WSB!
46lb!!!! This time I was using a flopper shaft. The fish was almost stoned and barely took any line.
Was a difficult shot from the top while the fish was swimming under me. But again the gun was very precised.
Thank you.


Aloha Daryl,
Two days later and here comes the 37lb WSB. I think I am a little lucky!
Three dives every two days and I got my limit on WSB!
But also the gun is doing its job. I haven`t missed a shot yet.

Aloha Daryl,
Two days after my first WSB, here comes the second one! 20lb!
We had our monthly dive for LA Fathomiers and I got the biggest WSB.

Aloha Daryl,
I just got my first WSB and I am so exited! It was a long shot and I was very surprised I landed the fish.
I am super happy with the gun. 33lb!!!!!! Not bad for my first time pulling the trigger!
Thank you for the laser Magnum

Christos Dodi

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