Corey Fujita
Aloha Daryl

     Yep, I guess the gun works. I had a sighting on a school of 7-10 tankers -- all 50 plus pound fish. The cool thing was the vis was excellent. I saw the fish off in the distance and I made my drop behind some kelp stringers. They came around the corner and popped up right in front of me. I shot the first one that was close ... I got excited since its the first for the season. I hit em in the face. He took some line, but was hurt pretty bad. 52.4lbs
Aloha Daryl

     just got back from a quick road trip. we had great diving and got some serious variety the first day. first drift of the day i had a shaft wrecker put a nice horse shoe in my shaft. i ended up putting down the bluewater gun and dove reel with my 57" GR. not a problem -- slayed it with the smaller gun. it killed some nice yellows and got a pair of seabass the 2nd day.

Aloha Daryl

got this bruiser this morning. It was a beast. im sure bigger ones are gonna fall this season ...... but its my personal best.

yea daryl, any time ur out here we'll try and put you on one of these seabass. you know how it goes, basically an easter egg hunt in the murk. i'd gladly trade a seabass for an ulua, or better yet, an ono! haven't shot uluas since christmas island -- and those were babies compared to the ones in your houses.
i resized a photo or 2, hopefully you can put one on the site. thanks for the gun, im stoked. shooting seabass sure beats crown preps.

Aloha, Corey Fujita

got my first solo dive seabass on saturday morning. i went friday with a buddy and ended up spooking 3 nice fish. one of em i had a perfect broadside shot, but was trying to lineup a stone shot ...... booom. the fish split. i went back the next morning to the same bed and saw even more fish. got buzzed by 4 right off the bat. later i literally ran into a nice one mixed in with all the trash fish. finally a group of 3 fish, all over 50, swam through. got a decent shot off and off to the races. shooting em with a reel gun is a lot of fun, but i do like having the floatline to horse em up. tied up in 40ft. hattori to the brain. hack the kelp. 50 + lb wsb on my belt stringer. off to the OC pet expo by 1pm. didnt get an official weight, but it bottomed out the 50lb scale my dock neighbor had. guess its time for a fancy scale.

hit it again on saturday. this time with a couple dive buddies. i took em to my new honey hole and told em where the fish will be. although the current wasnt doing the right thing, 45 minutes into the dive i see adam dragging a slug over the rail of the little yellow boat -- 50.6 we move to another spot as the viz turns to shit. 2 hours at the next spot and my friends both wack schoolies, 30lb schoolies. later adam got schooled by a bunch of 30lbers and didnt shoot. i didnt see a single fish all day. i must've used up all my luck the previous 2 days.

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