Colleen Gallagher
Daryl (via facebook),

     In Panama with Diving For A Cause, secured that beautiful tuna as it was chasing bait. Landed it with one shot at the gill, aiming one foot in front of the tuna. My Daryl Wong speargun is perfect for me. I was so lucky as it moved so fast in front of me. Thank you Terry Maas for all the coaching on how to land these fast moving creatures. All the fish was carefully filleted and donated to the schools in Panama.
Daryl (via facebook),

     Diving For A Cause in New Zealand is off to a grand start with some nice kingfish harvested by the team, all thanks to our captain Joe Burke. Colleen Gallagher put the first one on the boat, and got it started.Love my Daryl Wong speargun!
Daryl (via facebook),

     Colleen Gallagher landed her personal best, 60 lb Kingfish! My last day of diving was the best!! Thank you Daryl Wong for a beautiful speargun. Those double rest tabs made it so easy to load over and over!

     Thank you Daryl Wong, for a nice gun! landed a beautiful King today! Thank you Perrin James for a great pic!

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