Eduardo Godinho
Hi Daryl

     Just got back from the Coral Sea,it was a great trip and the Ono gun was as dependable as ever.

The 3 dogtooth in the photos were 36kg,39kg and 45 kg's.

Those places all have good dogtooth fishing opportunities Ive heard. I can vouch for the Coral Sea having been a few times with Rob Torelli,he runs a trip every year out there and every diver usually gets a dogtooth on his trips. They are also well organized and he and his guides are very experienced.

Good luck with your quest,I hope you get a monster!


Hi Daryl

Although I have been lucky enough to see some really big (400 pound) yellowfin on the trip to Mexico where my friend Julian got the current world record with one of your ONO guns,this was actually the first one Ive managed to land.It was fairly late in the afternoon and we had been working a steep drop off in the Coral Sea for a few hours,we had not seen many dogtooth but Rob Torelli had landed a nice Wahoo and earlier we had seen a very beautiful Tiger shark that stayed around the flashers for a while.

The conditions where slightly unusual for the area with a fair amount of particles in the water catching the late afternoon sunlight reducing visibility from the 60 meters + that we had become accustomed to.

I had been chumming most of the afternoon and the guys had seen a couple of yellowfin working the chum line a few times when we drifted out wider into the big blue. We were hoping to maybe see a bill fish or the yellowfin again when the other two guys came up from consecutive dives saying the yellowfin were back below us.

I decided to take a break from cutting up chum and dived down into clearer water below the surface layer and saw one lone yellowfin darting in and out of the chum line,i wouldn't figure out the size of the fish as the sickles where really long but the fish itself didnt seem massive so it was a little confusing and difficult to judge the distance to it with the clear blue backdrop.

I hung around and waited and it eventually make darting line within range and slightly below me,managed to get a stone shot.

The fish tasted great and was apparently the biggest one taken in the Coral Sea so far as its not a common species there.It wasnt the biggest one in the world but I was really happy with my first Ahi!

Hope youre well and take care.


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