Tim Hampson
Hey Daryl,

     Whats up dude? Just got back from panama I went two for two on yellowfins!!! The first one around 70 pounds I spined just behind the pec fin Game Over, the second one around 120 pounds I just missed the spine same shot placement right behind pec fin, crazy thing happened my gun got tangled in the bungee line ripping my Wong right out of my hand, I swear as the gun disappeared into the abyss every bubble coming off her looked like a $100 bill O'well i grabbed the float and enjoyed the ride waiting for the fish to tire when all of a sudden my gun pops up right in front of me I grab it and go on to land my second tuna TWO FOR TWO!

Thanks for the gun and all your help I could'nt of done it without you


"Reef Freak"

Time in Hawai'i: