Phil Hieleson

     Thanks for getting back to me. I saw you at the seafood expo yesterday but you seemed pretty busy so i didn't get the chance to introduce myself. I'm sure I willl see you again sometime.

As for my gun, I bought it second hand. I just got it a month or so ago but have taken it out 6 times or so. I wish I could give you some constructive criticism but I don't even know what I could say. People talk about gun value and how euro guns are just as good and after having used both, there really is no comparison. This gives me so many more options and I can't imagine it shooting any better. Eventually I think that I would like to get you to make another hybrid for me. Second hand is fine but there is just something about buying new and making it yours. Its not the same with second hand if that makes any sense.
While I have only had the gun for a little over a month I have had quite a number of firsts with it. I shot my first Mu as well as a Uku. I shot the biggest Kumu I have ever seen and got some other great fish as well. I don't think that its just because thhe gun shoots better but its just plain lucky. Seriously, and I'm not just blowing sunshine here, my productivity while in the water has doubled since I started diving with that gun. How can you not love that! I am sending you some of my pics. While they are quite modest when compared with others I was still stoked.
Thanks Again


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