Andrew Isenhour
Hey Daryl!

     The gun works great and I really like the style of the gun. Hip loading to the tab and then chest loading the rest is much easier in the water and takes much less effort. I have enough strength to hip load the first band but there's no reason to exert myself like that with the option of the loading tab. It's also very nice to come up with a band on the loading tab in case I see a dolphin up top while on our safety stop. It's safe and easy at the same time!

I haven't shot Dan's gun but I just know that mine is more powerful!! :) I can say without a doubt that your gun with one band is more powerful than my old 54" Biller with 2 or 3 bands! It's well balanced as well! Did you have to add any weight to the gun itself? And The little plate that I added for the light works great with the notch for the line. I'll send you final pictures after I finish modifying and get it powdercoated. Just a thought but you might want to think about having that as an option if anybody wants one. I can cut a few pieces like I have and mail them to you if you want as well.

I have a feeling that you will be getting a few orders from some of the other guys around here for guns after seeing both mine and Dan's!!

Thank you again for the gun and here are some pictures of our trip vs. the movies.

I hope you're able to come fish with us soon!

Take care and I hope all's well in Hawaii!


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