Kristopher Morales
Aloha Daryl,

      I’ve been loving the 65 squid bone hybrid you built me ! I love shooting it with the 7.5mm shaft and 3bands. I’ve now taken my personal best grouper, yellowtail and calico since owning it. I recently when on a trip where we had a chance to run into tuna so I added the 4th band and began using the 8mm shaft. I used it on some paddies and was able to shoot some yellows. I did however have a bit of issues managing the recoil (I’m fairly small 5’7”). Im okay with sacrificing a bit of power for accuracy do you recommend any power / changes or different band configurations that might help me ? Off the top of my head I can’t remember what band lengths / stretch you recommend. I’m currently using the bands you send when the gun was purchased.
Thank you , Kristopher

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