Ken Oakes
Aloha Daryl,

     Hope all is well with you, I think you may just be returning from the Blue water expo. Mike Tripp and I have returned from our Baja camping trip. It was quite an adventure and unfortunately our tent was shredded by high winds so we had to cut our trip short. The good news is that I was able to spear a 45 pound Hamachi on the second day down there. Mike said this was a rare sighting as the yellowtail typically aren't that big down there this time of year. I actually saw a school of about 20 of these fish, some were 50 pounders but I took the best shot I had instead of missing the chance altogether. My 55 inch GR hybrid was a laser as usual. Beautiful holding shot just behind the gill plate and shot it with a 7mm spear attached to 400 pound mono and float line. Thanks for making the great product for me! Enjoy and thanks again,

Ken Oakes

Time in Hawai'i: