Andrea Patino (Frankie)
Ahola Daryl,

     We just received the hat and he is so happy!!!! Thank you so much!!

Good afternoon Mr. Wong,

     I just purchased a hat from your website for my boyfriend, Frankie. He is a huge fan, he purchased his first speargun from you and we met you at an event in ft. Lauderdale. He wears the hat you signed and gave him at this even daily, and I wanted to give him another one for his birthday. Is it possible to have the one I purchased signed as well? It may seem silly but he was so happy when you gave him the signed hat and I think he would feel just as happy with this one.

I hope to see you again one day, perhaps in Hawaii on a spearfishing trip hehehe

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Time in Hawai'i: