Colby Ravetto

     I received my custom 55 midhandle GR gun on Wednesday and couldn't wait to get in the water and get that first shot off. This was the fastest I have ever had a gun idea and then had it in my hands - super fast and amazing work - thanks Daryl. Working full time and being a new dad, I knew that Father's Day now was not going to be an option for diving so I had to work a dive in with Saturday chores. It was going to have to be a short early morning beach dive if I was going to get my new toy wet.

So I met a few friends and in the water at 8 a.m. After about a 500 yard swim to the outside kelp bed where I figured I needed to be to put this gun to good use. I saw a very nice school of rubberlip perch and thought, "Not bad ceviche, but do I want the first fish with this gun to be a perch?", so I passed. Look at the watch and realizing the swim back will take some time so I decide to start heading in.

On the way in, I come across a nice bed of kelp and decide to drop down. After about 30 feet down I see what I believe to be a fish suspended just beyond the thick kelp, one more kick and there is movement, the perfect first shot to see what this gun has. I realize I only have 2 of the 3 bands back but from all the feedback I have heard, that was plenty so I take the shot from about 12 feet away and the fight begins. Within 30 seconds the reel is empty and I realize this one does not want to leave the ocean. After about 45 minutes of chasing, multiple dives, untangles, I get above the kelp where it decided to stop fighting. Dive down and it is around, thru, around, thru and around probably the thickest kelp in the area. By now I am excited and exhausted; lungs are tired and know I need a break so I yell to my buddy who eventually gets told by a passing yak, "I believe your friend is the diver appearing to be pulled around over there." So they make their way over and now float is attached and still takes another 20-25 dives to bring it up and that being by cutting the slip tip at the collar and bringing the fish and spear up separately. Finally fish and equipment are accounted for, let's finish this swim in.

Wouldn't you know it, after swimming another 200 yards in, I come across another one about a foot shorter sleeping 5 feet in front of me. I pull the band back and then look at my tip and remember that there is no tip on the spear; it is tied to my dive watch. I know that this gun has enough power and being this close to put the entire shaft all the way through (using the shaft as the slip tip) but not the most efficient, so let's just see how close I can get. I got the tip of the gun about a foot away and as fast as I came up on him, he was gone. It is amazing at how big something can be and yet so amazingly quick.

Except on this day, when the trigger is pulled - the Wong was faster and stronger all the while staying laser accurate. The shaft entered the fish directly where it was pointed and never a worry of it tearing out. From the knots to the parts to the entire gun, this White Sea Bass didn't have a chance at winning this day. It measured out at 53" - 42#. Thank you again Daryl for such a beautiful gun and the exceptional customer service that is still going, even after the sale. I can't wait to see what is on the end of the shaft after the 2nd shot. By the way, the hat is super comfortable and my son will be calling in about 13 years.

Colby Ravetto
Marketing Director
LivHOME, Inc.

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