Mike Richardson
Hi Daryl

     Just came back from the Coral Sea.
Had a great time and even gave your jobfish record a shake with a 29lb catch with my Black Hybrid..
Caught at Frederick Reef in about 30ft. I should have fed him up on berley (chum) first and maybe tip the scale another pound.
I hope you can put this pic on your website�

Also had several days with lots of wahoo but couldn�t seem to get better than about 40lb.
On the last day and dive in about 1000ft water I nailed a very big one at about 40ft down with the hybrid.
Swam back up and past the riffe float going down fast at about 15ft.
Nothing came back up despite much searching���..

Also one of our gang bought a video /DVD showing spearfishing tuna in Puerto Rico or Costa Rica or thereabouts.
Sheri was there with others using your hybrids�. Great shooting and impressive result for your guns..

That�s all for now
Aloha from Australia


Time in Hawai'i: