Luke Rossi
Hi Daryl

     Thanks for the New Mahi gun, it brought me really good luck. No tuna, but who cares, got this and some nice pargo and Ono. I am sending you another pic of my Ono I got with my new mahi gun!

We were doing drift dives over an outcropping seeing everything from small mahi, rainbow runners and nice sized Onos. The onos were coming in groups of 3 and 4 and were in sizes of 25 to 60 lbs. I was able to land a 25 lb and strong 40 lb Ono that took my large inflatable float down 20 feet before turning the fish. I lost a nice what seemed like 60 lber after ripping out. After doing several drifts and two fish I took a power break when the Javier yells "there's a fin, Marlin! Go Go Go" I scrambled to put my gear on and load my gun. Heart pumping, jumped in and kicked toward the fish. When I saw the fish it look like a bus. I took a long shot and tagged it mid body. Fish took my single float down for 5 minutes till we spotted it 500 yards away. We were able to catch up with it where me and two friends took a ride of a lifetime trying to slow this fish down. Ended up putting 4 shots in it and five big floats on it till I was able to swim down and loop the tail. It took 5 guys 5 heaves to pull it over the rail of the panga. The whole fight took 2 1/2 hours.

Aloha Luke Rossi

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