Keoiki Saguibo
Hey Daryl,

      i finally took out my 55" GR rear plus for the first time. We went out to blue water over the eastside yesterday. We checked the buoys and nothing was around so we headed closer to shore and we ended on an awesome spot. Most fish I ever seen in my life and all well above catchable limit. There were schools of ulua everywhere, also opelu kala, and a bunch of kahala. on my first drop wwith my new gun, i went down to about 70ft. and a kahala came charging in. One swing of my gun and i let the shaft fly. To my luck a stone shot. i was so exstatic and going nuts. My first time shooting the gun and i shoot my first kahala. Its and awesome gun with dead on accuracy. I was using three 5/8" bands with a breakway system. I also shot a opelu kala and an ulua later but the ulua came off while pulling it up to the boat. So bummed. I just want to thank you so much for making a wonderful piece of art for me.

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