Thorsten Schweinfurth
Aloha Daryl,

     I have the gun,yes i have her,and i can say that this is the best gun i ever saw in my live and now she is wrote me that it was a Pleasure for you,i say, it is a pleasure for me.You really are a Master of your subject. she is worth every penny of it. I'm very proud to be an Owner of an Original Daryl Wong Speargun and she will be not the last one, thats for sure. The wood looks simply fantastic, I know that because i learned Carpenter and i built some beautiful Furniture. Now i'm working with carbon fibers, making parts for racecars ,bicycles and others.The pipe of the gun have,as far as i saw, a 3 k linefabrics finish,fine stuff and exspensive.

     P.S. Have a good catch and let me know what the balance is .

Time in Hawai'i: