Dave Sutton
Hi Daryl,

     Enclosed is the first shots photo for the longer of the two guns you built for me. I carried both of the guns in the water yesterday for the first time and they are PERFECT. Balance is ideal, and the forward mounted handle makes them fast to swing. You should build one for yourself and try it. Anyone hunting dim water should be encouraged to try this proportion gun. Have them email me if they want first hand advice.


First Shots with my new carbon fiber hybrid, off of Asbury Park, NJ. Three shots, three fish, all thot right where I aimed: One dinner-sized Tautog, and two nice striped bass. New gun is PERFECT and handles like a dream. Now all we need are the Menhaden (Bunker) to arrive and bring with them some larger Stripers! Not the fault of the gun that the fish cohort that�s here now is still in the 34 inch range. Big fish will be here soon!
Dave Sutton

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