Justin Vilott

     Beek and I got the fish on a beach dive today. My hybrid is a 60" open track and it shoots lasers. Hahaa I didn't even have time to finish tying new bands.


Hey Daryl,
I came in last year (was living on North Shore) and you helped me dial in my 60" hybrid. Well it's been used quite a bit and will be ordering an Ono here pretty soon. I am shooting a 5/16 shaft with three bands. I think you recommended 27", 28" and 29" inch bands. I want to increase the range and power a bit (I shouldn't have to worry about shaft-whip with the heavier shafts). How short could I go?
Oh yeah got a nice Seabass (living on the mainland for a bit) last week with your gun. Stoned it!

Stay well and Aloha,
Justin Vilott

Aloha Daryl,

This season has been absolutely off the hook! We have been doing a lot of beach diving in order to keep attention off the "spots". It has really paid off , but boy is it a lot of work hauling these girls up the mountain.

I really really miss Kaena! There is nothing better than drifting for ono's and then eating at Ted's Bakery. I never got a total weight on the fish, but it did end up #65 gutted (long story). It really was a special dive. I got to pick from a school as it single filed by me 20 feet down and 4 feet off the tip of my spear. There was a bigger fish in the school (I think it would have gone 75+ easy), but I would have spooked'em if I tried to line up a shot. I did end up putting 26, 27, and 28" bands on my 60" GR and I am getting a solid 15 feet out of it now with a 5/16 shaft. If it ain't broke don't fix it! Hahaa. Go shoot an ono for me.

Justin Vilott

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