Billy Winn

     I put the check in the mail first thing Friday morning. Please let me know when you receive it so I know we're all good.

First of all, it's beautiful. I had the opportunity Friday to take it out for a try. We covered 95 miles to some of my best spots, but somebody forgot to tell the fish to show up. I guess they knew I had my new Bazooka. Anyway, I never pulled the trigger. The gun felt right, handled well and with the rest tab, was a snap to load.

Sunday, I went to the boat to do a little maintenance (stuff I noted needed attention while out on Friday) and ran out to Hawks Channel to check repairs. I had gun the with me and just hopped over the side thinking I'd shoot at an imaginary target to check how it felt and if I was aiming correctly. A hapless Mangrove Snapper was in the area and I popped him in the head from about 18 feet. The shaft went right through him and I thought I missed at first until he started spinning on the line. This gun won't bounce off heads. Anyway, thank you, the gun is right on!

If you make it to Florida, let me know.

Take care,

Time in Hawai'i: