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Top Ten Wong Reasons:

10) This gun is handmade, by Daryl himself, not mass produced, so each gun is a work of perfection and made with care.

9) Daryl is willing to consult with each client to help them determine the right model, and he is very familiar with fish and conditions around the world.

8) Daryl uses only the finest old growth teak for his guns. Others use immature plantation teak, which is weaker, less dense, and less expensive. Others use mahogany or padauk which are less water resistant. He also varnishes and lacquers the guns which results in a beautiful finish and low-maintenance gun which doesn't need to be oiled every time you use it.

7) His hybrid guns use the latest (stronger and lighter) highest quality materials, carbon fiber or titanium. Production gun manufactures use materials that are most cost effective for THEM, such as anodized aluminum, cast pot metal, stainless, nylon 66, or very thin walled carbon fiber.

6) His trigger mechanisms are assembled by hand, the housing weighed, and tested on a hydraulic testing machine up to 600 pounds. Each batch has a few tested to the maximum breaking strength, normally between 1250-1750 pounds.

5) The handle is made from one of the strongest man-made polymer polycarbonates, also used in bullet proof material. The open pistol grip design allows easy handling and firing for all hand sizes.

4) All guns are perfectly balanced, the bluewater guns are internally weighted to prevent recoil which makes a big difference in shot accuracy. No need to add wings.

3) The higher quality materials, the tighter tolerances, the lighter and stronger materials, the perfect balancing, etc, all translate to longer reach with pinpoint accuracy.

2) There is a lifetime warranty on all guns and triggers, no questions asked.

1) You will land more fish!

Time in Hawai'i:
...the gun is perfect! - Drew Edson